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Too Much Information

Do you feel bombarded with information? Advertising shouts for your attention wherever you turn. Friends, family and colleagues clamor for your attention. And the books, magazines, blogs, and websites that you "must" check every day: are you approaching an overload condition? We're wired to be curious, and we're wired to avoid unecessary risk; information satisfies both of these drives, so we often seek it out. But is there ever a time when we have too much?

If you've spent time talking to the younger generations, you may have heard the expression "TMI", or Too Much Information. Usually it means that you have shared one personal detail too many, and that the information is both unnecessary, and (in their eyes), unappetizing. The TMI concept is incredibly rich, and is one that we should keep in mind as we willingly force feed ourselves TMI every day.

This week's action item: Define TMI for yourself. When you think you have enough information, stop gathering, and start acting.

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Make It Happen Tipsheet
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Publication Date: January 5, 2010

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