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Fast Media Response:
For fast turnaround and comment on topical career and life-balanace issues, call Randall directly at 416-256-7773.

To book Randall for a TV or Radio appearance, please call Shannon Skinner at 416-576-8809.

Request a review copy of our books: please call Randall or Shannon, or send an email to request (at) knowledgetoactionpress (dot) com.

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Media Archives: 2004-2006

We appeared in the following places:

  • Resolve to get a new job, or at least improve satisfaction
    (Globe and Mail Career Section, December 30, 2006)

  • Interview
    (CBC Radio One, Freestyle, December 27, 2006)

  • Interview
    (CKTB Radio, December 27, 2006)

  • Interview
    (CKOV Radio, December 20, 2006)

  • Interview
    (CJAD Radio, December 20, 2006)

  • Interview
    (CKOM Radio, December 18, 2006)

  • TV Interview
    (Workopolis-TV, December 6, 2006)

  • Article on Employee Retention
    (Law Times, December 4, 2006)

  • Workspaces across the Generations
    (Globe and Mail Career Section, November 21, 2006)

  • Agenda
    (Omni-TV, November 12, 2006)

  • Interview
    (CHOK Radio, November 6, 2006)

  • It's all about you -- and your Personal Brand
    (Globe and Mail Career Section, October 14, 2006)

  • The Monday Morning Manager
    (Globe and Mail, October 9, 2006)

  • Magazine article
    (50 Plus, October 2006)

  • World at Six interview
    (CKNW Vancouver, September 26, 2006)

  • News Article
    (Vancouver Province, September 17, 2006)

  • Interview
    (CBC Radio One, Canada-wide, September 14, 2006)

  • Joe Duchesne Show
    (CFPL Radio, September 12, 2006)

  • The John Donabie Show
    (CFRB 1010 Toronto, September 2, 2006)

  • Book Review
    (CARP Magazine, Canadian Association for the 50-plus, September 2006 issue)

  • News Article
    (Brampton News, September 1, 2006)

  • Labour Day: A New Lease on Work Life
    (Globe and Mail Career Section front page, September 1, 2006)

  • Morning show with Brian and Shauna
    (FLY-FM Kingston, August 22, 2006)

  • The Monday Morning Manager
    (Globe and Mail, August 21, 2006)

  • Business Travel Balancing Act
    (Toronto Sun, August 16, 2006)

  • Lisa Williams show
    (CKLW Windsor, August 14, 2006)

  • The Stirling Faux Show
    (CHQR Calgary, August 2, 2006)

  • Top 10 Tips for Getting to the Top
    (Edmonton Sun, July 15, 2006)

  • Time for a Career Check-up
    (Globe and Mail Career Section front page, July 14, 2006)

  • Who's the Boss (want that promotion?)
    (Toronto Sun, July 14, 2006)

  • How to get that Promotion
    (Toronto Sun, July 13, 2006)

  • Montreal Today
    (AM940, July 3, 2006)

  • Agenda
    (Omni-TV, June 28, 2006)

  • Mentorships
    (Selling Essentials Magazine, June 19, 2006)

  • A Father's Day Wish for Working Dads
    (Globe and Mail Career Section front page, June 16, 2006)
    Also available on Workopolis

  • The Monday Morning Manager
    (Globe and Mail, June 5, 2006)

  • The John Wilson Show
    (AM980, May 24, 2006)

  • Workopolis-TV
    (Report on Business Television, May 17, 2006)

  • Career Planning
    (Real Estate Marketing magazine, May 2006)

  • In times of peace in the workplace, prepare for war on your career
    (Globe and Mail Report on Business, May 13, 2006)
    Also available on Workopolis

  • Workopolis-TV
    (Report on Business Television, May 1, 2006)

  • Studio 2
    (TVOntario, April 21, 2006)

  • The Joe Duchesne Show
    (CFPL, April 20, 2006)

  • The Jim Dennis and Bonnie Heslop Morning Show
    (CKPB, April 11, 2006)

  • The Joe Easingwood Show
    (CFAX, April 4, 2006)

  • Interview
    (Global Evening News, Mar 30, 2006)

  • News Article
    (Toronto Sun and Job Boom web site, Mar 22, 2006)

  • Several articles
    (Canadian Business, Mar 13-Mar 26, 2006)

  • Hit a glass ceiling? Check the mirror first
    (Globe and Mail Report on Business, March 11, 2006)
    Also available on Workopolis

  • The Profit Imperative
    (Canadian Business, Feb 27-Mar 12, 2006)

  • The Stirling Faux Show
    (CHQR Calgary, March 8, 2006)

  • 411 News Magazine
    (C101.5, March 1, 2006)
    Randall was interviewed by Reta Shabo

  • Keeping Employees as Employees
    (Canadian Mining Journal, February 2006)

    (W Network , February 28 , 2006)
    Randall was a guest expert on this syndicated reality show.

  • Winter Books Nothing to Laugh At
    (Edmonton Journal, Feb 11, 2006)

  • John Wilson's Focus 980
    (CFPL980, February 2, 2006)
    Randall was interviewed and took listener calls

  • HRPAO Conference 2006
    (Canada's largest HR conference, February 1 , 2006)
    Randall addressed the conference on Career Planning and Employee Retention.

  • Report on Business Magazine
    (Corporate Governess, January 26, 2006)
    How to address change in the workplace.

  • The Jamie West Show
    (AM900, January 4, 2006)
    Randall and Jamie talked about career management.

  • The John Moore Show
    (CFRB 1010 Toronto, December 7/05)
    John interviewed Randall about being an Entrepreneur, and took some calls - including someone from Denmark who listens each day on the Internet!. Download Randall's Starting a Business Tipsheet.

  • Ottawa's A Channel Morning
    (A Channel Ottawa, December 1/05)
    TV Breakfast show, Randall was interviewed on how to prep for a job change.

  • John Gormley Live
    (CJME Regina, November 17, 2005)
    Call-in radio show about the Job Search Process, Entrepreneurship, and Career Management.

  • Bad Boss Blues
    (Canadian Business, October 24/05)
    Randall comments on management topics in the Oct 24th edition of magazine.

  • Wayne Nelson Live
    (QR Radio Calgary October 20/05)
    Randall talks about careers and career planning.

  • Analytical Frameworks, a Recipe for Career Planning
    (Canadian Government Executive, October/November 2005 issue)
    Randall wrote this article to describe the role of analytical frameworks to help public sector HR managers address key employee concerns.

    (W Television Network, RTR Media)
    Randall has been asked to be on the Advisory Team for this upcoming TV show, working with host Ayse Hogan and her guests on career issues.

  • Bad Boss Blues
    (Canadian Business, October 24, 2005)
    Randall provides practical suggestions on how to learn from a difficult manager.

  • Wayne Nelson Live
    (QR Radio Calgary , October 20, 2005)
    Randall talks about career planning and work-life balance

  • Do you have multiple boss syndrome?
    (Globe and Mail, October 7, 2005)
    Randall is quoted extensively about how to manage when you have multiple managers

  • Revisit your Career Plan
    (Electrical Business, September 2005 issue)
    Randall wrote an article that describes when - and if - you should consider doing what you do somewhere else.

  • The John Donabie Show
    (CFRB 1010, August 1, 2005)
    Randall Craig and John Donabie talk about career planning and job satisfaction.

  • The Jamie West Show
    (AM 900 CHML, June 22 2005)
    Jamie West and Randall Craig take listener's calls on Career Planning and Entrepreneurship.

  • On Air Interview
    (CHCH-TV CH Morning Live, June 22, 2005)
    Bob Cowan talks to Randall about the book and how to take the next step in your career.

  • Career Crossover - It's never too late to change jobs
    (Toronto Sun, June 9, 2005)
    Great article about the job change process - it appeared in most Sun newspapers across Canada.

  • Book Review
    (CA Magazine, June 2005 Issue)
    A great book review in the magazine that is sent to all Chartered Accountants across Canada.

  • On-air interview
    (ROB-TV, Michael Vaughan Live, May 4, 2005)
    Randall talks about Career Planning and the book.

  • On-air interview (call-in format)
    (City-tv, Breakfast Television, April 28, 2005)
    Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Randall responds to viewers questions, live, with Liza Frommer.

  • On-air interview
    (CHUM FM, 1050 Chum , April 27, 2005)
    News Anchor Dan Blakeney interviews Randall about career planning: how do you know when to go? The segment was used in the 4:30pm, 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm, and 6:30pm newscasts.

  • On-air interview
    (CKCO-TV, Nancy Richards, April 13, 2005)
    News Anchor Nancy Richards interviews Randall about career management and Leaving the Mother Ship.
  • At Long Last, Freedom
    (Canadian Business , March 28-April 14, 2005)
    Andy Holloway writes an article about smart career management, featuring Randall and Leaving the Mother Ship.

  • On-air interview
    (AM980, Joe Duchesne show, March 16, 2005)
    How do you know when to go? Host Joe Duchesne and Randall gave the audience a host of new ideas.
  • On-air interview
    (CFPL-TV, News Now, Home and Health, March 16 and 17th, 2005)
    News Now Anchor Julie Simpson and Randall talked about the Personal Balance Sheet and Job Quality Checklist.
  • On-air interview
    (CFPL-TV, New Day, March 16, 2005)
    Host Bevin Palmateer asked Randall questions about work-life balance.
  • Jumping ship...
    (National Post , FP Entrepreneur, November 15, 2004)
    Cover story: Randall was interviewed about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and how to deal with some of the challenges.

  • On-air interview
    (City-tv, Breakfast Television, November 10, 2004)
    Liza Fromer asked Randall a number of questions about managing your career. Answering viewers' questions on-air was fun!
  • 50 ways to leave your job
    (Town Crier, November 1, 2004)
    Journalist Paul Hutchings weighs in with a great article on the book.

  • Book Review
    (CBC Radio One, Metro Morning, October 12, 2004)
    Michael Hlinka, business reporter, did a lengthy (and positive) review of the book on-air!

  • It takes more than guts to forgo a steady paycheque
    (Globe and Mail, October 2, 2004) Requires subscription to the globe site.
    Article is also available at no cost at Workopolis.

  • Tips on Reinventing Yourself
    (Toronto Star, July 11, 2004)

  • Strumming a new song
    (Toronto Star, July 11, 2004)
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