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How do you know if your idea is really popular? Asking around is one way. Doing a survey is another. But how how about the popularity of your idea on a world-wide scale? While this might be a bit of a challenge, if you can boil it down to a few keywords, there is a way, and surprisingly, it's free.

Google has a hidden tool that accesses all of the collected search data, and allows you to determine the popularity of any word or phrase. To test an idea's popularity, go to, and enter your keywords or keyword phrases. Not only will you see how many people searched for the term, but you'll also see how the popularity has changed over time. Google provides all of this data for your search term, and also for hundreds of related ones.

This tool is particularly useful if you are looking to add more powerful keywords into your social media profile, web sites, or any online property. Or if you're just curious to see how often people are searching for a concept similar to yours.

This week's action plan: Gauging the popularity of keywords isn't just useful online. If you are writing a report or proposal, powerful keywords make a more powerful document. The next time you write anything important, check a few key phrases in the Google keyword tool to see if there are other words that are similar - but would win the popularity contest.


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Make It Happen Tipsheet
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Publication Date: Aug 10, 2010

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