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Information Vacation

Each day, we are bombarded with information in advertising, news reports, emails, websites, TV, magazines, and social media. We take this in, process it, and then figure out what it means. Some of it we act on, creating more information for others, and some of it we file away for future "reference". Without question, we consume more information than food, and we do more processing than digestion.

In the past, when we went on vacation we spent time on the beach, toured, or spent time with family. Today, we may do this, but we also watch CNN, check our email, voicemail, and catch up on our magazines. We update our Facebook pages, check LinkedIn, and update our blogs. Our vacations are not vacations from information: we barely have enough time to recharge, let alone enjoy the local sites.

Next time you take a break, consider taking a real break - the world will still function when you are not checking up on it:

  • Stop reading the newspaper.
  • Stop watching television.
  • Don't turn on the radio.
  • Don't read your magazine subscriptions.
  • Quit checking Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other Social Media sites.
  • Don't "surf".
  • Put away your BlackBerry or iPhone.
  • Don't even think of checking your email.

If you need to, you can always schedule an hour to catch up, after you get back.

This week's action plan: Recharge by experiencing the different. When you go on vacation, make it an "infocation" as well. Then, when you return, put fences around your time, keeping your information consumption within specific scheduled boundaries.

Bonus action idea: Many people used to take a vacation each and every week (remember "the day of rest"?) This same concept - an Infocation - can be used here as well. What's old is new again.


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Make It Happen Tipsheet
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Publication Date: April 13, 2010

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