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Color Television

If you are old enough to remember Black and White televisions, then you're old enough to remember how revolutionary color television was. If not, perhaps you remember how the microwave oven changed how the world cooked? Or what it was like without the internet, let alone Facebook, YouTube, and Google.

Each of these are great example of innovation that have changed society. Some, like color TV or the microwave, were designed to solve a specific problem. Others, like the internet, have moved well beyond their original purpose.

At the personal level, innovation is equally possible, and can have just as dramatic an impact. When was your last innovation? Who did it effect? What problem did it solve? Without innovation, there is no personal or professional growth, and we often find our careers (and relationships) stalled.

This week's action item: In every task, process, and relationship there is an opportunity for innovation. This week, identify an area that is ripe for change, and start the process. While your innovation may not be the next color television, it can have an impact well beyond your expectations.


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Make It Happen Tipsheet
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Publication Date: August 4, 2009

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