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Make It Happen Tipsheet
Career Management and Life Balance

Career Spin Doctor

Is the glass half-empty, or half-full? How you answer will usually brand you as an optimist or pessimist. But is one answer better than the other? Optimists usually are great at envisioning the possibilities, while pessimists can often spot risks well before they occur. Both personality types are critical to the success of a team.

But what about the success of you as an individual? Is your career half-empty or half-full?

Think about how you express yourself:

  • Let's find a way to make it work... vs It doesn't work.
  • I've already completed half of the job... vs I'm still not finished.
  • I'm part-way through my professional certification... vs I don't qualify.
  • I want to find time to meet you, let's compare calendars... vs If you want to meet me, it will have to be at 2pm.

Many people don't realize the impact that their optimism (or pessimism) can have on others. Consider the statements above a second time, but think of yourself as the recipient. How would you feel if a colleague answered you one way, vs the other? Individual success is far more likely for the optimist.

This week's action item: Spin doctoring isn't just for politicians or public relations consultants. Take one day this week, and commit that every word that you say - or write - is "half-full." It's better to be known as someone who can make things happen, than someone you knows why they can't.


Randall Craig is an expert on Career Development, Work-Life Balance, and Networking; to find out how his workshops, webinars, and keynotes can help your team or add to your event, contact him through www.PersonalBalanceSheet.com, or by email at editor@ptadvisors.com.

Make It Happen Tipsheet
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Publication Date: Aug 12, 2008

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