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Make It Happen Tipsheet
Career Management and Life Balance

If you put your mind to it

If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. How many times did you hear this from your mother, father, or favourite aunt or uncle? If you're like most people, you've heard this expression many times -- when you were growing up.

(As an aside, how many times have you heard this from your manager? The best ones say it all the time - and back up their words with support.)

This expression is absolutely true, but it is only half of the story. Medical doctors don't "wish" for their knowledge - they go to school for many, many years. Olympic athletes spend years training to be faster, higher, and stronger. And you didn't earn your expertise by putting your mind to it - you worked for it, day by day by day. The best managers - and job seekers - have long recognized the other half of the mindset equation: You will only achieve your goals if you know what they are.

Like the traveler who doesn't have a destination, if you don't have career goals, then any road will do. Spending your time wisely will earn you experience that has value - whether you are looking for more responsibility where you are, or hoping to make a change.

This week's action item: Change your schedule to find one hour each day to focus on moving your goals forward. Try getting up much earlier in the day, before you are crowded with family and work pressures, and commit the time to goal-oriented activities. If you aren't 100% sure of your goals, you can use this time to set them. If you put your mind to it, the only thing that separates you from achievement is time, and how you use it.


Make It Happen Tipsheet
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Publication Date: April 10, 2007

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