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Make It Happen Tipsheet
Career Management and Life Balance

Starting a New Job

You've been through a gruelling interview process and you've finally got the job or won that promotion. What can you do right at the start to guarantee your success? The truth is that nothing is guaranteed in today's environment, but take care of a few key things, and your chances of success can improve drastically:

1) Your success on the job is determined well before you start: What are the differences between your current role and your new one? Consider these differences, and how you can bridge them beforehand. One idea: ask your new manager if there is any pre-reading that you can do.

2) Keep your eye on the ball: what will define your success once you begin? It's easy to get distracted with busywork that seems important, but if you know exactly what defines your success, you will be more likely to achieve it.

3) Remember your team: especially in the first few weeks, reach out to those around you for orientation and support: your manager, your peers, and your staff.

4) Don't be cocky: People will be on the watch-out for arrogance. You may have been successful in your old role, but you are starting from scratch in your new one. That being said, you've earned the right to be somewhat confident. There are so many qualified candidates out there - and you were the one chosen.

This week's action item: Imagine that your manager just gave you a promotion - and the job of preparing an orientation plan for your replacement. What could you do to make their transition easier? Write down this plan - and then use it as a model for yourself when you make your next change.

Make It Happen Tipsheet
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Publication Date: October 24, 2006

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