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Learning from the Rest

Ever hear the expression "Learn from the Best"? This is great when it comes to a coach or consultant, but a more important concept is "Learning from the Rest".

Each day, we interact with our workmates, friends, and sometimes even the youngest of children. Each of these folks has something unique that they can give us, if only we paid close enough attention.

Consider your workmates: pick someone that you work with, and ask yourself the question: what is it that they do better than anyone else, that you would like to learn how to do? Is it their easy way with colleagues, or a certain type of presentation style? Is it in their analytical abilities? Or something else? Whatever it is that you identify, begin the process of learning from them. Write it down and make it your objective to observe them for a one week period. The next week, choose someone else - and learn the secret of their special strength.

Surprisingly, this even works when the behaviour or attitude is negative. Spend the week observing the impact of the negativity on others, then catch yourself when you inadvertently "slip" into that mode.

And while you're at it, don't stop in the workplace: if you have children, it's amazing what you can learn from them, if you only give them a chance.

With so many people around us, the number - and value - of these lessons is tremendous. Learning from the Rest? Yes, but if you keep it up, those around you will be learning from the Best: you.

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