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Make It Happen Tipsheet
Career Management and Life Balance

Think and Grow Rich

No matter how clever you are, no matter how much education you have, and no matter how important your job title, thinking will only get you so far. Those who are successful, on the job and off, are those who successfully translate their thinking into action.

Whether you're looking to "grow rich" or have some other goal, here are three ideas to get you started:

1) Start small: Setting smaller, achievable goals will earn you the confidence to attack larger ones. If you have one large goal, chunk it down to smaller parts, and set your sights on the smaller, attainable milestone.

2) Start a schedule: Choose a specific part of the day (or week) to do a special task that gets you closer to your goals. Making this thing part of your routine will move you closer, bit by bit by bit.

3) Start now: Decide on one small thing that you can do to move you towards your goal, and do it today. It can be as simple as looking at a web site, writing a to-do list, or booking an appointment with your manager.

If you think that these three ideas make sense, then think again: thinking makes it possible, but Action Makes it Happen.

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