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Make It Happen Tipsheet
Career Management and Life Balance

Back to School

Remember a thousand years ago when the summer was coming to an end, and you were preparing to go back to school? Or maybe you have children that are dreading the first day back? For most of us, September does usually mean a more disciplined schedule. We transition from the freer days of summer, to a more regular "groove".

Thinking about your career, can you put yourself into a better groove than where you left off before summer? Clearly, if you would like to get something done, you have to do something to make it so. Or, if you are doing the same thing this September that you did last September, change won't magically happen.

Instead of trying to improve (or re-invent) ourselves all at once, we can be more successful when we change incrementally. Lacking a professional certification or higher education? - maybe you should enroll. Never tried a particular task at the office? - maybe you should try it. But whatever you decide to do, instead of making a radical commitment that you may not be able to follow through with, why not look for a way to test drive it first? You will gain experience, and this will give you confidence - and value.

This week's action item: Take on a specific project that you can finish within the next 7-10 days. It can be as simple as finishing a specific book, jogging every morning, or eating dinner with your family each night. Or it can be as complex as writing that new business plan or graduate school application. This special project will start you on a better "groove" than your current one. While you may no longer be a student, remember September - and use it to help you reach your goals.

Make It Happen Tipsheet
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Publication Date: August 29, 2006

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