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Please ask us for a copy of our demo DVD and marketing materials. The DVD content is streamed (below) in Windows Media Player format.

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For Meeting Planners

Looking for a speaker or workshop leader?

Each session is customized for the specific audience. Randall currently speaks (or leads workshops) on the following subjects. For more details, go to www.PersonalBalanceSheet.com

On developing an organization’s human capital:

Achieve! Life! Balance! (Practical tools to develop work-life balance today.)
Why not? Thinking outside your job box.
From Knowledge to Action:  Developing an entrepreneurial mind.
From Knowledge to Action: Growing a consulting business.
Networking: Learning to work a group, long after the event.
Retaining and promoting your best.
Change the odds by changing the rules. (Using Brainstorming and Creativity to solve problems)
Personal Branding for Success .

On problem-solving and skills development:

A Practical Guide to Advisory Boards. (How independent businesses can use this concept to become stronger.)
"She told two friends, and she told two friends":  Viral Marketing for traditional marketers.
Living the Logo: defining your Brand in all that you do.
Market Research for non-market researchers.
Integrated marketing planning: Embedding process change and technology into the tradition marketing cycle.
Making money at the cross-roads:  Marketing and business development for professional service firms.
Avoiding the costly e-Detour. (how to avoid software development mistakes)
Putting the user back into software development practices.
From Knowledge to Action: Starting a successful business.
Managing the professional services firm


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