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For Meeting Planners and Speakers Bureaus

Looking for a great speaker or workshop leader?

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
Randall Craig served as 2010 President of CAPS Toronto

Randall Craig is a low-maintenance, high-impact speaker who delivers effective, memorable presentations on three main topics:  Career Development, Networking for Success, and Work-Life Balance.  He does this for 12-person teams, and at conferences with over 1000 people in the audience. He has also delivered keynotes in a "webinar" format, with over 600 attendees.

Randall discusses key issues and objectives with you and your client, and commits to significant industry and company research to ensure that the presentation is relevant and customized. Please call us for our most recent one-sheet, at 416-256-7773.

Career CEO
How to manage your career

Employee disengagement is one of the toughest management problems today.  One of the root causes is a lack of control over personal destiny.  This presentation helps each staff member understand their responsibility as the CEO of their career. It is designed to educate the employee about the subject, introduce the Career Commitment Chart planning tool, and then help them define a list of specific development activities that will help them achieve their self-selected goals. 

Networking Skills for Career Success
How to help others help you achieve

Whether you are selling a product, a service, or yourself, the relationship will always cement the deal.  In this workshop, participants will learn a systematic process to develop and nurture relationships – and then how to close the sale.  This isn’t a “how to schmooze” workshop, but one that provides specific guidance on how to grow value and influence with others. Participants will leave with a specific plan of action.  NOTE:  This topic is delivered in one of three versions:  For sales-oriented employees (focused on business development), for delivery-oriented employees (to improve teamwork), and for departing employees (for job search).

Achieve! Life! Balance!
Practical tools and the mindset to achieve balance

Is achieving Balance your New Year's Resolution - every year? Are you tired of Work-Life Balance training that only deals with stress and time management?  Is there a better way to balance work and life - and succeed in both?   And how do you introduce this concept to your organization, without sacrificing productivity?  Based on Randall Craig's research and concepts from his books, learn:

  • How to choose a Work-Life Balance that's right for you
  • Practical techniques to help broaden focus - and still perform
  • The vocabulary that empowers employees to take personal responsibility for their Balance choices.
  • How to use the Personal Balance Sheet Action Planner to translate concepts to action.

Randall speaks primarily on the above topics, but on client request, has also delivered keynotes or workshops on the following topics:

  • MBA 101: Sharpening your business acumen
  • Personal Branding
  • Re-capturing your professional passion: career transitions
  • The Working Resume Intensive Workshop
  • No Job - Now What?
  • Effective Consulting Skills
  • Marketing and Business Development for Professional Service Firms
  • Tools make it possible, but people make it happen: Technology and Recruitment
  • Avoiding the costly e-Detour: Knowledge Management



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