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Resume writing is a critical career-building skill, because at it's core is your ability to convey value - both to your current employer, or a prospective one.

The Working Resume

You have spent an entire career developing a particular expertise, but how much have you invested in perfecting your resume? 

Many people will never get an interview call, not for lack of experience, but because they are unskilled at communicating their value.

The Working Resume will help you build a resume that demonstrates your value -- and then teaches you how you can use it to get your next job. 

Many people already have a resume, but it is the same one they have been updating since graduation. 

Not only is this not appropriate, but the state-of-the-art in resumes has advanced significantly, even over the last 3-4 years.  One simple example: Does your resume use appropriate "keywords" that automated resume selection programs look for?  (Most don't.)

Some expectation-setting: it is hard work consolidating your entire career into a one-two page document. We have divided this course into discrete sections, spaced far enough apart to give you time to complete each task. If you rush it, you will not be properly equipped for the next step of the job search process:  the interview.

The goal is not to just build a resume -- the goal is to build a resume that helps you get a great job. If someone else wrote your resume, they may miss your special skills or exaggerate your strengths. It makes sense: nobody knows you better than… you. Recruiters and hiring managers can immediately tell if a resume was written by a professional resume writer, and this can disqualify you from further consideration. 

The Working Resume will give you all of the step-by-step tools - and share all of the secrets - that you need to build a great resume now, and at any time in the future. 

The Working Resume eCourse                                      
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Lesson 1: Resume Goals and Objectives
Lesson 2: Content Collection
Lesson 3: Compilation
Lesson 4: Formatting
Lesson 5: Customization and Finesse

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Act now and receive a 6th BONUS Lesson: Mini-bio, Elevator Pitch, and Strategies at no extra cost!

The Working ResumeThe Working Resume eBook
Our popular Working Resume eCourse is now available in a 38-page downloadable book format (includes Bonus chapter on Mini-bio, Elevator Pitch, and Strategies):

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Over the last 20 years we have reviewed thousands of resumes, and interviewed hundreds of recruiters and hiring managers.

Writing an excellent resume is something that everyone is able to do. This eCourse distills our knowledge for you and walks you through the process, step by step.













Each week, you will receive detailed instructions, examples, and exercises directly into your email. By the end of the course, you will have a great resume, and the knowledge to use it to get that great job.


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