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Randall Craig

Not sure if coaching can help? Give me a call at 416-256-7773.

"Randall --
I love your feedback. It's clear. It's concise. Great direction. And motivation. Thanks again!"

...AY, Television Producer

Career Coaching

If you are looking for a group coaching experience and professional development (at a far lower cost), then consider www.pinetreebraintrust.com.

Not everyone has access to an unbiased, independent source of career and business counselling. Coaching provides you an experienced mentor who only has one interest in mind: yours.

Randall and his team provide personalized coaching for a limited number of clients. Each coaching session is 60 minutes long, with the sole objective of helping you to achieve your career or business objectives. While each session is completely individualized, some of the topics covered could include:

  • Mentorship on situational issues (examples: severance, reduced work schedule, conflicts of interest.)
  • Leaving the Mother Ship: Prioritization and Planning.
  • Playing Devil's advocate to your plans.
  • Negotiating strategy: severance, job offers, suppliers.
  • How to identify and mitigate risks during change.
  • Job search strategy.
  • Pre-interview role-playing.
  • Resume and cover letter review.
  • Entrepreneurial issues: managing growth, finding partners.
  • Business Plan review
  • New business start-up coaching.
  • Creative Brainstorming.
  • Completely open agenda: you ask, Randall answers.

Prior to the first coaching session, you will fill out a short coaching profile that provides background information on your situation. Randall will review the profile and either accept the engagement, or not. (For those not accepted as clients, a full refund will be processed.)

Fee Schedule: Depending upon your requirements, we provide three different plans. Call us to discuss which might make most sense.

Plan A: One session to address a specific issue, such as resume and cover letter review, mock interview practice, etc. Plan A includes review of documentation or email before the meeting, and a 60 minute coaching session. $400
Plan B: Three sessions, including documentation review before each meeting. Typically the meetings are held monthly. $1000
Plan C: Seven sessions, including documentation review before each meeting. $2000






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